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Pay n Play Casinos

The newest trend within the online casino world is the rise of ‘Pay and Play’ casinos. Trustly is the company that makes this new service possible, allowing players to immediately start playing at an online casino without having to register first.

You save time at these types of casinos by combining the registration process with making a deposit through your online bank account. Instead of having to enter a lot of information about yourself first, you can now immediately start playing once you have made your first deposit.

Did we mention that having the money paid out is just as easy and very fast? This is the most innovative and effective payment solution we’ve seen so far! It dramatically improves the playing experience, since you can now play without any delay!

Online Casinos with support for Pay n Play Casino


Direct transactions via the Pay and Play from Trustly

Trustly and Pay N Play casinos ensure that you can skip the extensive registration processes (even though these actually don’t last that long anyway).

Moreover, you do not have to wait until your money has been deposited or when you want to withdraw the won money, but you enjoy a very easy and pleasant way to play in the online casino. We, therefore, advise you to read more about the online casinos that use Trustly’s Pay ‘n Play as their payment method.

What is very important with this payment method is that you can still leave the casino game without consequences and close the web browser. If there is still money in your account, you can have it paid out at a later time or continue playing with it.

Online casinos that use the Pay N Play system can authenticate users by using a unique player ID that is created when making the first deposit and is linked to your bank account. This also helps companies to comply with the legal requirements regarding the KYC (know your customer).

Different Pay N Play payment options

It doesn’t matter if a brand new or already established casino wants to innovate because the Pay N Play payment option of Trustly can easily be used by any online casino. There are two different variants available :

Pure Pay N Play

With this variant, Trustly is the only payment method of the online casino. You can immediately start playing by making a deposit, creating a ‘ virtual account ‘ within seconds.

Through the verification through your online bank, your credit remains in your account when you stop playing and come back later. Withdrawals can also be done directly and the money goes directly to your bank account.

Hybrid Pay N Play

This variant is better for casinos that are offering multiple payment options. With this variant, Trustly becomes available as an alternative payment method, whereby the existing registration methods also continue to exist

The difference between the ‘ Pure ‘ solution and this is that the possibility to continue playing immediately after you stopped is not possible. If you want to continue playing at a later time or have your money paid out, you must log in with your username and password via the Trustly system.

Are Pay n Play casinos safe?

Trustly is a well-known company that is responsible for creating the new Pay N Play services.

The company is based in Sweden and is controlled by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Trustly also falls under EU legislation and regulations, so they can transfer money legally across the border.

All in all, players can feel safe with the extra secure online bank payments from the Pay N Play casinos.

Advantages of playing in online casinos without registration

Players can enjoy multiple benefits when a casino uses direct transactions. It is usually said that everything has both a good and a bad side, but when we talk about this verification through your online bank, the bad side is hard to find.

It may not always be favorable for online casinos, but that does not really matter for us as users. With the ‘ 3-D Secure ‘ verification systems of the banks, the casinos are forced to adapt.

To give a clearer picture of the benefits that this payment method brings, we have listed a number of these benefits below:

  • Simple (or no) registration process: You can forget the long lists with far too much information that must be filled in before you can finally start playing at a casino. All you have to do now is identify yourself using Trustly and your bank account. This ensures that a unique account is automatically created at the casino that will be linked to your bank.
  • Extra security:  The 3D verification system is very safe, so the risk that someone can retrieve your personal data is minimal.
  • Quick withdrawals: Depositing money at a casino is very rarely the problem. Withdrawing the money later, however, often entails some problems. Some casinos have standard withdrawal times when recording. At these casinos, for example, you have to wait at least three days before you can cash out the winnings, but in some cases, this can even take a week or even longer. With the Pay N Play, this waiting time is reduced to just a few minutes.
  • Unreliable casinos are filtered out: The verification through a bank places high demands on the casinos. Unreliable and unsafe online casinos that cannot meet these high demands of the bank will therefore not be able to introduce the new system to their casino. This means that in a certain sense Pay N Play will become a certificate of good quality for gaming sites.

Pay ‘n Play as an alternative

A few years ago, online casinos could hardly live without the Skrill and Neteller (e-wallets) as one of their payment methods. This payment method was a much faster alternative to traditional bank transfers or transactions with credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard.

These transactions often took several business days to be approved or processed. The various options regarding bank transfers entail both advantages and disadvantages.

Within the online gaming industry, however, new trends often grow very quickly. We are of course very much looking forward to being able to follow the progress that Trustly will make in the casino industry!

Pay n Play casinos without an account

When you play at a casino without first registering, it can often be unclear where these casinos got their gaming licenses and what the tax situation is.

Furthermore, it can become even more difficult to find out if the structure found within the company and the licenses are rather unclear.

An example of such a casino is Speedy, which is managed by Co-Gaming Limited. However, Co-Gaming Limited has become more famous for its other brand – ComeOn. Co-Gaming Limited has both its offices and gaming licenses in Malta and the United Kingdom. However, Speedy has also obtained a license from the Curaçao government.

Pay ‘n Play Casinos for Dutch people

It is undeniable that many checks are held on deposits and withdrawals from many Dutch customers. Banks have chosen to block payments from certain suppliers and account numbers.

BankID ( only available in Sweden ) makes the Pay N Play method easy to use when you use a Swedish bank account to identify yourself online. The only thing that Swedish customers need with regard to documentation is their BankID and with this, they can very easily create an account at casinos.

Currently, this Pure Pay N Play service is only available in Sweden, Finland, and Germany. Dutch customers can use Trustly as an alternative payment method.

All you have to do is link your bank account to the Trustly screen, but unfortunately, this does not bring all the benefits mentioned earlier.

Pay N Play is a brand new application, but there are already a number of casinos that offer this service. No Account Casino, Ninja Casino, and Speedy are currently only available for Swedish and Finnish customers. In addition, Betsson and ComeOn are setting up new branches in countries including the Netherlands.

This means that in the future it may be possible for Dutch players to deposit and withdraw money at a casino without any delay.

Most casinos will most likely follow the path of lightning-fast transactions and we can soon expect more and more online casinos that offer online slotslive casino games and other fun casino games where you don’t have to register first.