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Klarna Casinos

Klarna is perhaps not very well known in the world of payments. Nevertheless, it is one of the available payment options that are on the rise. It is especially famous in other countries. That is because iDeal has been the dominant theme in the Netherlands for a long time. These methods can be compared to each other in many ways. Therefore, it is also a method that is worth viewing.

It can be a good alternative. In particular, Klarna can be a very safe system. This is of course because it is largely based on internet banking and your own bank plays a role in it. As a result, you also know that bank security measures are a factor. Of course, it is important not only to look at the advantages but also at the disadvantages.

For example, it is of course not the Netherlands, but German. Moreover, it is not yet found in every online casino. So that may mean that you ultimately have no use for this method. Of course it is always good to put everything next to each other. In this way you can ultimately make the right choice.

Online Casinos with support for Klarna Casino


Transaction costs and limits of Klarna

Klarna is perhaps even easier to use than iDeal. Especially because you don’t have to go to the bank’s website, but everything goes very directly. What also makes it easy is that there are actually no limits. That is so attractive. For example, the costs for the transactions are settled with the banks. If there are any costs, it is because the online casino where you use Klarna charges them.

This also makes it a cheap way of working. In that respect, too, it is strongly comparable with the counterpart that is more popular in the Netherlands. Also, the limits on the top are not determined by this payment service provider, but by other parties such as your bank or casino.

If it’s up to Klarna, anything is possible. That casinos and banks do not agree with this is of course understandable. That makes it very easy to use. Once you have set everything up you can start using it immediately as a consumer. There is no reason to have to wait for anything else.

Benefits of online casinos with Klarna

It is of course very important to describe the benefits of choosing Klarna as a payment method in a casino. There are quite a few advantages that you can enjoy. In that respect, it is important to see what the reasons may be for choosing this.

  • Easy to use. In fact, Klarna is even easier and faster to use than iDeal because the system is slightly more direct. Very few operations are needed to take care of the landfill. This makes it very easy to use for every payment.
  • No further costs. Creating an account to work with Klarna does not have to cost anything. Of course there are bank charges in the end, but working with this payment method is in itself free of any kind of reimbursement. So you immediately get rid of it.
  • Just a little safer. It is all just a bit safer than many other payment methods because the banks work directly with them. The advantage of this is that the bank’s security systems are also involved in the transactions. Very little can go wrong this way.
  • Nice and quick to use. The most important other plus point of Klarna that still needs to be emphasized is that it is nice and fast. All matters are taken care of immediately when you request it. This makes it easy to work.
  • Various extra bonuses. It often happens that online casinos give extra free spins if you use Klarna as a payment method. Always check this so that you do not miss out on these free spins!

Cons of Klarna

It would not be fair to just emphasize the benefits of Klarna. Of course, there are also a few downsides to think about working with this system. That is why it is good to shed some light on that side of the payment method.

That way you can at least sketch a complete and honest picture of the method. Based on this, it can be determined whether it is a good idea. Then look at the following points:

  • Klarna can only be used for deposits. It is not possible with this method to transfer money from your account to your bank account with this payment method. That means that when you work with this, you always have to use a second method to handle all your money matters.
  • Not applicable everywhere. There are still plenty of online casinos active online where Klarna is not one of the payment methods. That means that you first have to see if a casino offers this if you necessarily want to work with this method. Especially when you want to switch, this plays a role.
  • It is a German system. This does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, but it is, of course, different than that you actually work with your Dutch bank. Of course the banks are connected to the system, but that does not mean that you are dealing with a third party when you do it this way.

How does depositing and paying with Klarna work?

As mentioned, paying with Klarna is not possible. That is why it is important to focus solely on landfills. So you first choose this option in the menu at the casino when you land on the page to deposit. Next, indicate in the following bar how much you want to transfer to your account. Please note that the online casino requires a minimum deposit.

Also, note whether you have this in your account. Incidentally, it is also important to choose your bank from the Klarna menu so that the transaction goes smoothly. This is also because you have to indicate with which token you do the verification. This is of course somewhat different per bank. Perform the verification with the token and you are done. In that case the money will be in your account almost immediately and you can start immediately with the hunt for the jackpot on your favorite slot machine or join a blackjack table!