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Super Sic Bo Game Review

Are you ready to roll the dice and multiply your bet? Evolution Gaming has kicked in the spring of 2019 with yet another innovative new game: Super Sic Bo.

Despite the fact that Sic Bo was originally a game aimed at the Asian market (the game is immensely popular in the live casino in Asia), the simplicity of this game certainly makes it worth trying. Even for players who don’t have much experience in the live casino.

But why should you try Super Sic Bo? The live casino now has many different games. Most players often get stuck with traditional games and therefore miss way too much entertainment.

Super Sic Bo is a very different kind of battle game than the more famous games. Moreover, with a good multiplier, you can win fantastic amounts … And who doesn’t want that?

Super Sic Bo is a real show game that is played with 3 different dice. It can be described as an inverted version of Yahtzee, a game that will probably ring a few bells. The big difference is that with Super Sic Bo you have to predict how many eyes the dice will end. It is a simple bet on a certain result without complicated rules and incidentals.

The best Super Sic Bo casinos

Most online casinos that work with Evolution Gaming logically offer Super Sic Bo. Nevertheless, there are always differences between every online casino where you play. One online casino is more user-friendly and more reliable than the other. Moreover, there are various payment options and deposit conditions.

Below is an overview of reliable online casinos where Dutch people can play to play Super Sic Bo:

How do you play Super Sic Bo?

Instead of having a cozy dinner with your family where you played Yahtzee, we are now in an Evolution Gaming studio where the spotlights are focused on the Super Sic Bo table where you are sitting.

The option to bet starts and the game presenter gives the green light: Place your bets! Once the betting round has started, the options you can bet on are endless: for example, you can choose on the total number of eyes of the dice, whether there will be a ‘ triple ‘ and, among other things, the number of eyes of at least one stone…

You earn really good money by guessing all three dice: The multiplier is then at 150x to 999x! You can bet on the possible outcome with a simple chip. In addition, statistics are provided so that you can see which eyes the previous dice landed on. Whether you have to use this data to determine your commitment is in your hands!

After all, players have been given the option to wager, this option stops. Time for some magic in the studio: The presenter presses a button and the 3 different dice start to roll. At the same time, different multipliers are placed on the game board with different results. These multipliers can go up to 1000x.

To multiply your bet, you must meet the following conditions:

  • 1. The multiplied result must be the winning result.
  • 2. You must have a bet on the outcome.

The concept is very similar to Lightning Roulette – also a fantastic live casino game from the Evolution Gaming camp where the excitement and winnings can be quite high!

You need to know this before you start using Super Sic Bo

To help you in the right direction, we have gathered some important points together to give you a clearer picture of Super Sic Bo. This is a summary of information that you encountered earlier in our review. Easy to share or, for example, as a reminder!

  • Super Sic Bo is a simple game: The goal is to guess at how many eyes the dice end.
  • The maximum multiplier is on, don’t be shocked, 1000x!
  • The normal payout (without multiplier) is also incredibly high: between 150x and 999x
  • If you play this game on your mobile: Keep it horizontal. This plays better and increases the gaming experience.

Super Sic Bo minimum, maximum bet, and payouts

As indicated, there are different types of options that can be used for betting. It starts with a simple 1: 1 for an even or odd number. As with any live casino game, the payouts increase as the chances of a certain outcome decrease.

Below you will find an overview of the betting options and the possible payouts. Remember the smaller the chance the greater the payout.

Small / Big1x the bet
Odd / Even1x the bet
4 or 1750-499x the bet
5 or 1620-249x the bet
6 or 1515-87x the bet
7 or 1412-29x the bet
8 or 138-24x the bet
9 or 126-49x the bet
10 or 116-24x the bet
Single1x the bet
Double (single)2-19x the bet
Triple (single)3-87x the bet
Double8-87x the bet
Triple (specific)150-999x the bet
Random Triple30-87x the bet
Combination5-24x the bet

The minimum bet to play a round of Super Sic Bo is 0.20 euros and the maximum bet varies per online casino. As you may know, the large casinos have a higher maximum bet than the smaller ones. This also varies between € 1000 and € 5000.

Super Sic Bo RTP

The Return to Player (or RTP) percentage of Super Sic Bo is at 97.22 %. This game has a similar RTP as the classic roulette (97.3%) and a lot higher than that of most slots (96% on average).

It is important that you know that the RTP applies to all participating players and is based on the average: Some people win while some lose – just like in real life.

Of course, we hope for as much profit as possible and with this review in your pocket you are already one step closer to a nice sum of money!

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