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Mahjong 88 slot, although very intriguing at first sight with its 8×8 grid layout, is a fairly interesting game that attracts players due to its quality of being out-of-the-box.
Developed by Play n’ GO, this slot is inspired by and resembles a well-known tile game of Chinese origin. The grid slot rules differ from a real-life Mahjong, which is a complex game usually played by four people with 144 tiles and requires a lot of thinking and a good strategy planning like in chess. Play n’ GO has re-imagined this ancient Asian game as a simpler but equally captivating activity, and all that is required are you and your luck.
Whatever the differences, the goal is to form clusters. In Mahjong 88 grid slot there are no paylines. Instead, you need to land on winning clusters of four and more tiles to add up your balance.
Play n’ Go, being the acme of game development, has gone above and beyond for the design of this slot. Attention to detail in this game is phenomenal – every tile and icon is intricately designed having in mind the Chinese background of the game.
To elevate the game, soothing piano music is playing in the background, accompanied by the gently moving shadows of trees. The design and sound effects of Mahjong 88 will make your gaming experience exceptionally pleasing.
It’s hardly possible to imagine a Mahjong game without tiles embedded with bamboo symbols and dots. Play n’ Go has excluded the Chinese character tiles not to make the game too complicated for non-Asian players. Instead, it has incorporated two sets of traditional bonus tiles – flowers and seasons.
For Play n’ GO, the fairness of its games is pivotal for their success. The company makes sure to get all its slots inspected and certified by trustworthy game testing labs, such as TST. The games are operated with RNG systems, which have proven to provide just and equal winning chances for all players.

HOW TO Play?

In contrast to traditional Mahjong, Mahjong 88 slot is fairly easy to play due to a nice interface and button layout. On the bottom bar, the balance and bet value selector are displayed, along with the Play and Autoplay buttons. On one side of the grid, there is a board displaying all your winning clusters on this particular spin, which plays the role of a pen and paper used by Asians playing this ever so slightly complicated game.
In Mahjong 88 video slot winning clusters are formed when at least four adjacent symbols match horizontally or vertically. Once you hit the Spin button, a few concealed tiles appear on the grid, and by turning around, reveal symbols that are likely to form combinations bringing you winnings.
Before ‘spinning’, make sure to select the bet value, which can be as little as 0.10. If you are in the mood for big prizes, stake 100.00 – the highest amount you can bet in Mahjong 88.
There is an Autoplay button which allows you to not only play up to 1000 rounds with no effort at all but also set up specific settings to disable this feature when you have achieved the desired amount of winnings.


Mahjong 88 slot has not deviated much from the traditional tile-based game when speaking of the symbols that have been used to develop this extraordinarily good video slot.
The lower value symbols are represented by a suit of bamboo (stick) and dot symbols. The set of flower symbols presents the highest paying figures in the game. The most lucrative tile is the one with a purple flower on it.
There are four Wild symbols corresponding to the four seasons – spring (green), summer (yellow), autumn (red) and winter (blue). Each type of wild has a special effect on your game.


In order to win at Mahjong 88 slot, you need to make sure you utilize all the functionality of the game along with its bonus features. Keep in mind that this is a high volatility game, that will keep bringing tiles upon tiles of winning clusters that can reach up to 5000x the amount of your current bet in a single spinning round. The Fast Play mode switch in the settings menu will quicken the pace of the game, but will also cancel or hasten some of the pleasant animations of the game.
When playing this video slot, the key goal is to load up the Fortune Frog, sitting on a plate-like gauge meter next to the board and decorated with a tiny hat adorned with traditional Chinese coins. The images on the shiny tiles disappear when they happen to land in clusters of 4 or more, magically streaming into the gauge meter around the frog and filling. The winning clusters then rotate to reveal new randomly emerging tiles. This process repeats itself filling the frog’s meter until no more clusters turn up.
If you happen to collect 33 winning symbols, a random feature sets off making your game pleasantly unpredictable. Fortune Frog may result in Croak, Spawn, Tongue or Hope features. Croak turns one set of symbols into a scatter symbol, while Spawn magically transforms it into a set of other symbols. Tongue creates an area with two chosen edges of tiles and figures that fall between them turn into other symbols. The Hope feature chooses one symbol at random, which destroys nearby tiles bringing you winnings.
If you overcharge the fortune meter with more than 88 symbols, Super Charge feature is activated. This is your time to score winnings, as the super frog will multiply all winnings by 5.
Another exciting feature of the game is the season change. When people say each season has its beauty, you better believe them. Season change not only affects the game features, but also gives an unexpected change in the ambiance of the game, washing the background splash color with the corresponding tint of the season – green, yellow, red or blue. Each season comes with a bonus and a nice pack of corresponding Wilds, which substitute all figures. Read more on this under the info button.


If you are tired of routine slots with the same layout and paylines, give Mahjong 88 slot a try, as it will surely satisfy the part of you, which seeks innovation and novelty. Inspired by an ancient Chinese game, Mahjong 88 has a calming feel to it due to the visuals, sound effects and nature-filled ambience. But by no means does this mean that it won’t get you thrilled. The features Mahjong 88 video slot has will undoubtedly give you a spin-fever.


Launched by Play n’ GO in 2019, Mahjong 88 video slot is a new take on a well-loved game with just the right proportions of modern and traditional. With an RTP of 96%, Mahjong 88 is a highly volatile game, giving you the chance to win as much as 5000x your stake.
The game is playable on all devices and is available for free play on Play n’ GO official website.

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