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Live Roulette Game Review

What is your favorite number, birthday or age of your pet? If this number is between 0 and 36, then you are suitable for Roulette. There are of course complex roulette strategies that really work, but more about this later. We will now first delve deeper into the basics!

Best Live Roulette casinos

Just to be clear: Always try to avoid online casinos where the live casino just doesn’t look good enough and has been developed by an incompetent team somewhere in Timbuktu with dealers from an unknown country. After all, you want to play in a live casino that puts quality first and in which you can safely deposit money and have it paid out.

Be Wise: Only play in a live casino that is recommended by our team and that has the required licenses and permits.

The ability to deposit during the game has proven to be important at the live casino. Make sure that you play at an online casino that offers this feature. This ensures that you can always keep playing, your place is not occupied by someone else and it would be best for you to keep track of the hot and cold numbers for your Pellayo strategy. Certainly not unimportant! We also recommend that you only play in an online casino with its own live casino environment, where you can play from the smallest possible amount to the highest possible amount at the same table.

This ensures that you can continue to play if luck is on your side. There are currently online casinos that have dealers from Belgium. Make use of this, so you play on a Dutch-language table and enjoy even more fun!

How does live roulette work and what are the rules?

The word roulette is nowadays claimed by the French, the Italians and by the devil himself (This is what the game used to be called: The devilish game – this is because if you add all the numbers on the table you get to 666). The idea of ​​the game is very simple: The ball spins in the roulette wheel and comes down to a random number. The player who bets on that number or one of the characteristics (red or black, even or odd, high or low) wins and receives a payout.

As you have noticed, you can bet on many different outcomes in the live Roulette game. In general, the rule applies: Bet on an outcome with many options: For example, red or black gives a lower payout. On the other hand, if you bet on one number, the payout is a lot bigger. Below you will find a brief overview of the betting options and corresponding payouts :

TermsWhich numbers?Payout
1-18 (low numbers)1 to 181x the bet
19-36 (high numbers)19 to 361x the bet
For a bit18 even numbers1x the bet
Odd18 odd numbers1x the bet
Red18 red numbers1x the bet
Black18 black numbers1x the bet
1st 12 (first boxes)1 to 122x the bet
2nd 12 (second boxes)13 to 242x the bet
3rd 12 (third boxes)25 to 362x the bet

Live roulette betting options

There are providers of the live Roulette game that have added extra betting options according to the wishes of the visitors. This gives the member the option of applying different betting methods. Some of these forms come from the authentic land-based casino, examples of these alternative betting options are the following:

  • Neighbor bets or desk game: This can vary between Voisins, Orphans and Tiers bets.
  • Red snake: Here you bet on all red numbers that are connected to each other. A red snake is created.
  • Full complete With a full complete also called a maximum bet, you bet on all inside bets of a certain number.

Most live casinos have also added the racetrack to their live roulette. These offer the option of betting on specific parts of the table. This allows you to simplify the game and resume faster.

Return to a player in live roulette

The RTP with Roulette is normally 97.3 %. There are, however, variates where the RTP is at a different percentage. Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.10% if you bet on 1 number. With American Roulette, due to the different forms of paying, the RTP is also different than 97.3%. It is easy to find out the RTP percentage of the live roulette table. You can find an overview by pressing the question mark or help.

Minimum and maximum stake

Another important part of the live Roulette table that you play at is the minimum and maximum stake. This varies per online casino. In general, you see that large online casinos allow a higher maximum stake than the smaller casinos. This has to do with safety. Generally speaking, the minimum stake is € 0.10 and the maximum stake is € 10,000.

Maximum payout with live roulette

The maximum payout naturally takes place with a winning stake on an individual number! Another interesting payout takes place with a ‘full complete’ on the winning number with a maximum stake without betting on anything else. Believe us, the payout will make you feast. The chance that this will work? Not very high .. but maybe you are lucky today!

Live Roulette variants

The various providers of live roulette have been trying to distinguish themselves for some time. They do this, among other things, by releasing variants of live roulette. One more successful than the other. Some of the most striking variants include Auto Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Double Ball, American roulette, French roulette, and European roulette. In some roulette tables, even the red colors have changed to yellow. The possibilities are endless!

Live Roulette chat

At many live casinos you can also chat with the dealers while playing roulette. In addition, in live chat you can also communicate with other players sitting at the same roulette table, in general, this is rarely used but can result in hilarious moments. It can also happen that there are lots of people on this live chat. Fortunately, you can switch this function off. Keep it fun and functional!

Trends and latest developments in the live Roulette world

Roulette is, as is known, an age-old game that is played. The game was not originally as we know it at the casino and has changed over the years. Developments online and in the live casino, where in the first versions the game could only follow from one camera with a dredging quality, the game became much more fun.

Live roulette is currently a true experience because of the ambiance, good image, and sound quality and the possibility of interaction. With the rise of, for example, Auto Roulette and Lightning Roulette, you can see that the game is constantly evolving. We live in an era where everything must be fast and instant. This can be found in the live casino where you can deposit and bet money within 30 seconds while playing roulette.

After you have made a profit, you can have it paid out immediately. Moreover, you can see that nowadays you can play live roulette 24/7. Online casinos always try to be of service to you with this!

Live roulette software developers

If you investigate the current live casino market you will see that Evolution Gaming and Playtech offer the most played and highest quality games. If you play live roulette on a table from one of these providers you know that you are playing in a confidential environment. Nevertheless, it is also interesting to play with other software developers such as NetEnt.

One of the benefits of playing at a software manufacturer such as NetEnt is the instant rewards they offer. This way you regularly receive free spins when depositing or playing a specific amount. Depending on your wishes, the NetEnt dealers may be better for you. After all, it has often happened to us that dealers from other software developers talk too much about cows and calves and do too little attention to the roulette game.

There are also less well-known developers of online casino software such as Extreme Live. Extreme Live has a very old-fashioned character and is therefore only fun when you go to the elderly. The rather nostalgic character in combination with the extremely boring dealers gives you the feeling that you are in the retirement home. Another casino software maker that it is just not, is Authentic Gaming. The concept sounds very nice for live casino players who love land-based casinos. The implementation is only bad. Authentic Gaming live streams the roulette tables from land-based casinos from different places of the world such as USA, Denmark, Georgia (even though we don’t know who wants to play there now).

Frequently asked live Roulette questions

While playing live Roulette you can find yourself in both fun and fewer fun situations. A problem may arise that needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. Because we regularly receive questions from our visitors, we have made an overview of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question, we recommend that you ask this at the relevant live casino or simply contact us!

What happens if the connection ends?

The most common error that happened is a wrong scan: The wrong number is being scanned. It is then important to contact us immediately by using the live chat. Make a note of when it happens in case the live chat doesn’t work and you have to send an e-mail. In most cases, you get your bet back immediately.

No spin on the roulette wheel = no number, you would say. In reality, however, it is not always that simple. It is sometimes possible that the ball flies out of the wheel due to a fault and nobody can do anything about it, except for the incompetent dealer perhaps. In most cases, this round is then canceled and everyone gets their stake back. It can happen that you were ready with a big bet and therefore missed a chance of a big win. It sometimes happens that you get a little extra on top of your bet. Online casinos are not required to do this so you must be lucky.

Is live roulette fair?

To offer live roulette you are obliged to comply with many permits and license requirements. In addition, live casinos are required to have their games tested in the laboratory. These are examined by independent experts. All live casino studios are required to oak their roulette wheels every day to be sure that there is no deviation.

After all, a deviation could ensure that there is a greater chance that the ball will fall on a certain part of the table. Live casinos that do not meet the above criteria can expect hefty fines. Criminal prosecutions are certainly not excluded because this is a form of scam.

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