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Live Monopoly Game Review

Who doesn’t know Monopoly? We all grew up counting banknotes with the dream of owning large hotels in the Kalverstraat or on the Coolsingel. There are people in the Netherlands who have succeeded. Unfortunately, we did not succeed, but we did not regret it. There is enough to win! Evolution Gaming, a top live casino software developer, has developed this classic board game into a digital form and more importantly: Playable in the live casino.

Evolution Gaming is making its first steps into the RNG slot machine world with this fantastic mix between Money Wheel and our beloved live casino environment. Monopoly live has many similarities with other slots but has added some authentic elements from the Monopoly game, such as throwing the dice. Certainly an innovative concept with a lot of potentials!

Monopoly live launch and fun facts

Monopoly live was launched on March 28, 2019, for a handful of online casinos, only parties with a proven track record and technically sufficiently developed were eligible for the first launch. Casinos that fell out of the boat were only allowed to release Monopoly live casino on 11 April.

In the current Live Casino world, we see a rising trend in offering games with a recognizable title and high entertainment content. With the launch of Monopoly live, Evolution Gaming is making a clear statement with a promising future!

How does Monopoly work live and what are the rules of the game?

Monopoly live is a 2.0 version of the famous Dream Catcher. The SpinsMan team has now labeled this game as legendary. Monopoly starts live, just like Dream Catcher, with a large wheel where the recognizable Monopoly presenter spins it. You win the game by predicting on which part of the board the wheel stops (where you end up in the bonus round in the Monopoly 3D game board).

The 3D bonus round is really the icing on the cake! If you bet it on 2 or 4 Rolls then the bonus game starts. You put Mr Monopoly walking across the screen and bring you towards the bonus game. Because at the moment only the English version is released, you find yourself in a characteristic London neighborhood such as Mayfair. In Mayfair you will also find the highest multipliers. According to our insiders, there will also be a German and Italian version in the long term, unfortunately nothing is yet planned for the Netherlands.

The moment you are in the bonus game, Mr. Monopoly immediately takes over the lead. The die is thrown, the multiplier comes into play from heaven and it soon starts raining hotels, houses, and multipliers! Living the dream! Do you not dare to bet on the bonus part (2 or 4 rolls)? Terrific! You will never experience this fantastic bonus game!

Monopoly live game rules and game functions

To get into more detail about the technical aspects and chances of winning, we are naturally happy to help you: The wheel consists of 54 planes: 48 planes are part of the main game and are marked with the usual multipliers: 2, 5 and 10. On the moment the wheel stops on one of these planes, your bet is multiplied by the number that indicates the plane.

In addition to these 48 planes, there are 2 planes that belong to the ‘CHANCE’ category: This is the chance card from the Monopoly board game if the wheel lands here you will receive a cash prize or an extra multiplier that will be added to your next spin. 4 other planes then remain. The bonus game is ‘ 2 ROLL’ on 3 levels and ‘ 4 ROLL’ on only 1 level. If you have bet on one of these planes you will enter the bonus game: You may roll 2 or 4 times with the dice depending on the square you have bet on.

What can you expect when you play Monopoly live?

Curious about Monopoly live? To give you the clearest and easiest possible picture of the game, we have just listed the most important points for your convenience:

  • Monopoly live is an alternative version of the famous Dream Catcher, in our opinion a better version. after all, it contains a bonus game! In addition, there is also the possibility of winning extra cash prizes when the wheel ends on ‘Chance’ or Chance Card.
  • Even if you are not in the bonus game, where you play the 3D Monopoly game, you can still win the round. This is possible by betting on the winning number as in the original Dream Catcher.
  • To play the bonus game you have to bet on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’
  • You can also get a fine! Really! As if you have not paid enough tax in the meantime… Because this game is really a Monopoly, there is also a ‘penalty card’ in the bonus game which reduces your payout! Bales!
  • The game show has 2 presenters: A live presenter who talks excessively with a fake American accent and the cute Mr Monopoly, this jumps and swirls through the screen and makes it rain with multipliers! You can choose what you prefer, I think it is clear which you prefer.
  • Your multipliers can reach a maximum payout of € 500,000. You need to bet the maximum bet for this.

Monopoly live bet and RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) of Monopoly live is 96.23%, which means that live Monopoly has a similar RTP as other online casino games. The minimum bet is 0.10: Fortunately, low enough to first try the game well. The maximum bet varies per online casino with the larger casinos often using a higher maximum bet.

Now I hear you ask the question: But how much can I win with 1 spin at most? If luck is really on your side, you grab multiple multipliers in the bonus game and your country in the bonus game on, for example, Mayfair with a high bet: You win EUR 500,000. Have you already decided what to spend on this?

Bet TypeNumber of facesRTPPayout
12292.88%1x Bet
21596.23%2x Bet
5791.30%5x bet
10496.02%10x bet
Chance2N / ARandom Multiplier
2 rolls393.90%Up to € 500,000
4 rolls193.67%Up to € 500,000

Monopoly live tips and strategies

You can always check the latest stats to make sure you are only a few spins away from the last bonus round. It sometimes happens that the bonus game is about a certain number of spins, but don’t take this too seriously – it’s just an idea. After all, it can also happen that the wheel lands a few times in succession on the bonus game.

While playing Monopoly live, we had the most fun playing while betting on one number, CHANCE, 2 ROLLS, and 4 ROLLS. With this you have covered all game options.

Because the bonus game is the most fun, it is wise to set the wheel to autoplay. Then you can relax with your mates and talk about the times of the Monopoly board game. When the money just kept coming in!

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