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Live Dream Catcher Game Review

The dream catcher is known to everyone, it ensures that you get nice dreams and no longer experience nightmares. That is all not very relevant to us.

We’re going to talk about Dream Catcher here: A relatively new online casino game that is now making a furor in the live casino. It stands for excitement, entertainment, and a true show experienceEvolution Gaming has started a true revolution in the iGaming live casino world with Dream Catcher.

Where the Money Wheel game, also known as the Wheel of Fortune, was best known in land-based casinos, Evolution Gaming has adopted this concept and launched it in the live casino. Since its launch in 2017, Dream Catcher has now become a global hit.

Although everyone has their own taste and preference in the online casino, everyone seems to have the same opinion about Dream Catcher: Fantastic!

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What makes Dream Catcher a true dream for Live Casino players?

We have said several times that Dream Catcher is the beginning of a new era: that of the reality show experience. But that is certainly not the only reason why this is a fantastic game for your next live casino adventure.

While playing Dream Catcher, our team has listed the main reasons why Dream Catcher is a true addition to any live casino:

  • Dream Catcher has a maximum payout of € 500,000. This does not mean that you can win this amount with one spin: Different casinos use different maximum betting options. If you feel like you are actually going to win today, you can bet € 5,000 per spin at large online casinos.
  • The Dream Catcher wheel was developed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, this company is one of the most renowned casino game makers. By combining the skill of TCSJOHNHUXLEY with the live casino expertise of Evolution Gaming you can be sure that the game is fair. By and for the best!
  • The game is simple and easy to play: No skill or strategy is required. You can simply bet on a number or area of ​​the game. You have happiness … or you don’t!
  • You can play it wherever and whenever you want. Whether you are sitting in your lazy chair at home or in the pub with your friends. You can play Dream Catcher anywhere and is definitely an addition to your evening!

How does Dream Catcher work?

The rules of the Dream Catcher game are simple: The wheel is divided over 54 planes. The participants of the game must guess at which face of the wheel the arrow ends. The different planes have different numbers. These numbers correspond to the payment amount.

If the wheel ends in a multiplier, this multiplier counts on the next spin of the wheel. This multiplier is then added to the next winning number.

You can win high amounts with Dream Catcher. This can happen if, for example, you get 3 times the multiplier 7 times in a row. Then you get your payout times 343! The Dream Catcher, unfortunately, has a cap of € 500000. The chances are not great that this will succeed, but who knows you may be lucky by your side!

What are the payouts of Dream Catcher?

If you are a player who likes statistics and probability, you can also keep track of them at Dream Catcher. During the game, you can see exactly which plane has fallen many times during the last few turns.

Another important factor that players consider is, of course, the RTPs: Below you will find an overview of the RTPs of Dream Catcher:

Dream Catcher, Live and RNGMin BetRTP

The Dream Catcher show!

Once you have clicked on Dream Catcher in the live casino, you immediately transported to a flashy TV studio. The colors of the studio, the light, and the sound give you the feeling when you have arrived in a real Saturday evening primetime TV show.

The interaction in the live chat allows you to communicate with both the host of the game and other players. This gives that extra coziness feeling so that you sometimes linger in the game just too long.

Evolution Gaming always gives a little extra in the Dream Catcher studio during the holidays. It is therefore certainly worthwhile to turn the wheel a few times during Easter, Christmas or New Year!

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