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Live Deal or No Deal Game Review

For more than a decade, Deal Or No Deal has been one of the most-watched TV programs in the Netherlands with the aim of winning as a bank participant. The program comes from the Netherlands and was conceived by those other than Endemol, yet again something our little country can be proud of!

Evolution Gaming, which has now made major steps in the live casino landscape with the release of Monopoly, among other things, understands what lovers of live casino games want and has entered into a new partnership with Endemol Shine to launch Deal Or No Deal. According to our team of experts, this might be the hit of 2019. The Deal Or No Deal game is a variant of Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher.

You can only play Deal or No Deal when you enter the bonus game.

But how do you end up in the bonus game? We are happy to explain this to you!

Where can you play Deal or No Deal live?

The release date of Deal or No Deal is not fixed for every online casino. There are online casinos that will be offering the game from 2 May 2019 and others that will only go live from 16 May. We recommend that you start playing this live casino game at a reliable online casino that has been judged by our team of experts.

To help you on your way as best as possible, you will find below a collection of safe online casinos that you can visit right away:

How do I get into the Deal or No Deal bonus game?

And how do you grab the jackpot of this live casino game? To win this, the player must spin the wheel that looks like a code slot of 3 reels or numbers. The moment you have the golden symbol on all 3 reels in the middle, the safe opens and the game show starts.

To increase your chances of 3 gold symbols you have the option to buy one or two rings off the wheel. This means that these start on gold so that you only have to get the remaining roles on gold. This naturally increases your chances of winning!

Of course, the smartest thing is to get rid of 2 reels, which means that you are most likely to end up in the Deal or No Deal bonus game. Of course, you can also really believe in your own happiness and press ‘ EASY ‘. We already give you a thumbs up!

Let the real show begin!

Okay, you’re finally in the bonus game and it’s time for the real show. To start with, you have to choose between 16 different cases that are filled with cash – in reality you will find here a multiplier between 0.10 and 500 times the bet that you have placed.

However, you have another interesting opportunity to win a lot: The moment the ‘ Top Up ‘ wheel appears, you can choose to increase your bet. You can do this between 5 and 50 times your initial bet. The presenter is holding the suitcase that you have chosen and you will see the other 16 suitcases in the live studio together with a female (un) attractive assistant.

When the game finally starts you will see that the suitcases are opened one by one and the values ​​are given. During the game, while the tension can be cut, you can choose among other things if you want to change your suitcase, make a deal or keep your suitcase. The choice is yours!

Things you need to know about Deal or No Deal

To push you in the right direction, we’ve collected the most important points you need to know about this live casino game. Take advantage of this and avoid unnecessary mistakes!

  • You can win very high prizes when you are in the bonus game. This can ultimately cost quite a bit: you don’t start in the bonus game, but once you are in it you are completely in it.
  • This game is fully optimized for all devices that you can imagine. This gives you the opportunity to play Deal or No Deal wherever and whenever you want. The only important condition is of course that your internet connection must be good enough.
  • No reason to panic if you don’t immediately reach the bonus game. There are several rounds to try again. There is enough time to participate until the next. Keep an eye on the time because a timer goes off!
  • The choice is yours whether you want to close the deal. Just like in the real TV program, you decide how much you win. Trust your feelings and don’t be afraid to take a little risk!

Deal or No Deal tips

To be honest: There are no working tricks for this live casino game, but there are a number of ways to make this game a lot more enjoyable (higher winning chances). Ultimately, of course, you have to go to the bonus game if you want to earn real money. After all, we don’t just play this for fun!

  • Bet high to win a lot: In the Deal or No Deal game, the highest multiplier is … 75 to 500x! Of course, you want to bet as high as possible on this. This is about serious money!
  • Select the ‘ VERY EASY ‘ betting option for the highest odds on the bonus game. With 2 golden symbols in your pocket, the chance of a third is considerable. Don’t make it harder for yourself and choose this option!

Deal or No Deal deployment options and RTP

The Return to Player, or RTP, of this game, is 95.42% to be exact. This is lower than the average live casino game and also lower than the average than most slots (this is generally around 96%). Nevertheless, 95.42% is a great RTP for this game, looking entirely at the height of the payout and the entertainment you get in return.

The minimum bet is € 0.10 and the maximum varies per online casino. In general, you will see that smaller online casinos have a maximum of € 50 while the ‘ big boys ‘ go up to a maximum of € 200 with the possibility to go for an extra 200 in the Top Up round.

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