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Live Blackjack Game Review

Blackjack is a very popular live casino game, the game is indispensable in land-based and online casinos. The game is now centuries old and originates from the ancient Roman period. Nowadays it is a very popular card game with, in the live casino, 7 play areas and 1 dealer. The goal is to beat the house: Each player tries to get as close to 21 as possible with his cards, without going over it.

Players also have the option to work strategically and have the dealer come across 21 points. If this happens, all players at the table win. While playing it is important to understand that only the dealer is your opponent and not the other players at the table. In an ideal scenario, the player has 21 with the first 2 cards. This is only the case if the player has an A and another card worth 10 points.

These are the 10, farmer, wife or king cards. This is what you call Blackjack: The player with blackjack immediately gets back his stake 2 or 3 times (this depends on the dealer’s first card, but more on this later). For extensive blackjack strategies and tips we recommend our Blackjack tips page!

Our favorite live blackjack casinos

We have made a selection of the best live casinos of all online casinos where Dutch people can go for your convenience. These are reliable live casinos that the SpinsMan team itself regularly visits. Every online casino has its unique characteristics. You can read more about this in the review of the relevant online casino.

What makes a good live blackjack casino?

When you play online blackjack you naturally want nothing less than to experience the ultimate experience from any device that you prefer. Whether this is nice and lazy from the couch or with friends in the pub. To help you find an online casino where you can experience this experience, we have some important tips:

Play only at an online casino with its own range of games

Online casinos with their own game selection often also have their own blackjack tables, which can be recognized by their own logos in the live casino or the colors that the online casino also uses. Often there are more places available at these live casinos (mainly in the lower stake tables) and the quality of service is a lot higher.

Check if you can place side bets

You do not want to remove the magic elements from the game. Remember that you get extra payouts for simple side bets, these do not affect your main hand: perfect pairs and 21 + 3 are popular examples of placing a side bet.

Be sure that the play-along option is available

In some popular live casinos, it may happen that there is no availability. If it is 20:00 in the evening on a cold winter evening and luck is not on your side, it can be interesting to play with someone who is at the table. Take your time to observe; do you see someone who is constantly winning and is a real pro? Do not hesitate to play with him. By playing with him you make the same profits that he achieves!

Deposit options while staying in the game

Many online casinos claim to have available places but this is not always true in reality. During peak times you may not be able to play. It will just happen to you: You leave the table and the live casino environment, you come to the homepage of the online casino and you go to the deposit page. Then you come back and want to continue playing: Your place is taken! You can prevent this by only playing in a live casino that offers quick deposit options while you stay at the table!

Find an online casino where you can see live availability

You do not constantly want to see everywhere whether there is availability at a blackjack table. It is therefore advisable to check whether you can see in advance whether there is availability or whether you can only play with players who are playing. There are live casinos that have indicated if they have tables available and can play immediately!

Variations on live blackjack

As you know now, Blackjack is one of the oldest online casino games, so there are several enthusiasts who think it’s time for some innovation. This has resulted in a number of live blackjack variants that are definitely worth trying out while others fail hopelessly. We have made an overview below of the most talkative live Blackjack variants with an explanation and why you should or should not play them!

Blackjack party

Blackjack Party is played on a normal blackjack table but otherwise it is a rather strange variant. The table has 2 dealers, or perhaps rather game presenters. The quality is pretty doubtful and you should really expect better from a top software developer like Evolution.

If you like to hear 2 people talk about the most diverse nonsense then you will love this. It’s a kind of Big Brother … But even worse. If Evolution Gaming has the idea to have developed a nice variant of live Blackjack then that has totally failed. Maybe nice for when you’re bored but no more than that.

Blackjack Infinity

To continue on a more serious note: Blackjack infinity is definitely a live Blackjack variant that is worth trying out. Although some call this Blackjack variant a rip-off of NetEnt’s Common Draw, this is still a live Blackjack version that should be labeled as a keeper. Lovers of Blackjack Infinity usually play this variant for 2 simple reasons:

  • There is always room available in the live casino to play this Blackjack variant.
  • It is a good way to test and practice your skills rather than being focused on the entire game. In general, this variant is described as the guinea pig for starting live Blackjack players and then playing for real later!

Sports blackjack

The major online casino players such as LeoVegas have meanwhile developed their own variations of live Blackjack. Online casinos know what interests their members have and that is why Sports Blackjack came from. The dealer and game presenter discusses the latest events in the sports world. For Dutch people this often comes down to football, but in principle the subjects vary. If you like blackjack and sports, this is definitely a live blackjack version that you should try!

Beyond live Blackjack

The Beyond live Blackjack is a variant developed by the NetEnt team that is definitely worth a try. It may not be the most mind-blowing version of Blackjack but it is certainly an addition to the game offerings of many online casinos. With Mr Green, for example, the difference with normal Live Blackjack is minimal. However, the graphics and sound effects provide an innovative live Blackjack experience. This gives you the feeling that you are playing in a Science Fiction setting. Mind-blowing? Not really, but definitely nice for an evening!

Frequently asked live Blackjack questions

Playing live blackjack at the online casino is an interesting world. To guide our visitors in the best possible way, we have collected some frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions that are not listed below, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you with all your questions about live Blackjack!

What happens if the connection ends?

Make sure your bet is always confirmed. It is possible that because your internet connection is lost or that the online casino gives an error, your bet is not accepted. For example, it may happen that your bet has not arrived correctly at the casino, from the casino to the software developer. It can, therefore, happen that the person responsible for the live Blackjack table makes a mistake himself.

The top software developers, such as Evolution Gaming, take a proactive attitude and immediately ensure that online casinos know that something has gone wrong in the connection. If this is the case, you can find your lost bet the day after, or sometimes even in a few hours, in your account. If this is the case then it is best to contact the online casino and indicate where and when something went wrong with the connection. In many cases online casinos are not too bad to help you and to refund your stake. It is important to remain polite despite the fact that emotions can sometimes run high. As a casino enthusiast we understand that very well of course!

Are there online casinos with Dutch-speaking live Blackjack dealers?

There are a huge number of online casinos where Dutch people can go for fun. In general, the large and most famous online casinos have live Blackjack tables for specific countries. Due to the unclear regulations in the Netherlands, it is sometimes difficult to find a Dutch-speaking dealer. Fortunately, our southern neighbors also speak Dutch and you can go to several live Blackjack tables where dealers speak Dutch with a Belgian accent!

Is live blackjack completely safe?

Use common sense and you will immediately notice when you play in an unsafe live casino. For example, if you are playing in a live casino where the, generally female, dealer in bare upper body is dealing cards, bubbles must ring. For reliable online casinos, you must go to SpinsMan.nl.

Live casinos operating on the European market must have sufficient rules and license requirements. For more information per live Blackjack table and software developer, you can often press the question counter or help button somewhere in the top corner. Here you will find an extensive overview of permits and licenses that this live casino has. The SpinsMan team is busy day and night finding, researching and testing the latest online casinos where Dutch people can go.

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