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How does live casino work?

The advantages of an online casino speak for themselves in principle: you can play at any time of the day without leaving the house, and you also save a lot of money on, for example, entrance fees or parking costs. Yet there is one small disappointment when you play in the online casino: you do not taste the same atmosphere as in the colorful casino where you normally go. For people who still love the charm of the physical casino, the live casino is the ultimate place. More and more online casinos offer live games, with standard computer-controlled dealers giving way to live croupiers. In the live casino, you play casino games and you can see via the webcam how the croupier serves you. Live casino games succeed through this live contact like roulette and blackjack to evoke the ultimate casino feeling. The live casino, therefore, offers an experience.

… and why that is also free

Yet playing a live casino game is something that will still sound a bit risky to many people. Because normally sitting at a live gaming table also means that you have to place a bet. The result? That it is all for the techie immediately and that you are thrown without mercy for the lions. Fortunately, the solution of SA Gaming Live Games offers a solution. This provider makes it possible to try out live casino games for free, without having to register. And then it immediately becomes a whole lot more interesting for the player. No registration and it’s free too.

Advantages of playing for free in a live casino

Advantage 1: first practice the game for free

If you already have some experience playing in an online casino, you may want to switch to a live casino. And why would you not do that with the SA Gaming Live Games solution? From now on you can play in a live casino without having to worry about big losses.

Advantage 2: test different live casino games first for free

That brings us immediately to the following advantage. Since you can now play free games, it becomes a lot easier to practice. Maybe your goal is to eventually play for money, but mandatory bets always keep you from taking a gamble. Since you now have nothing to lose, you can practice freely. To possibly play with bets later. Call it a round of testing, call it practice or call it something else: the fact is that you will benefit greatly when you can get used to the live casino. Discover more about the benefits of playing in a live casino here.


Live Gambling at Online Casinos

Players who have live gambling at an online casino as you have read may have the option to bet on all kinds of game types. It is important to know that access to a live casino is only granted if you have a casino account. You must, therefore, be able to log in online at a casino to be able to open the live gaming tables. If you are logged in, you also have no obligation to gamble with real money. It is also possible to first watch at the gaming table. Are you going to use your casino balance to play? Keep in mind that when playing against a dealer you always have to deal with a mandatory minimum bet. With live roulette, this often starts at € 0.50 per game round. However, do you go live blackjack or live punto banco play? Then it is usually possible to place your bets from € 1 per round.

Cash-Out Winnings at Live Casino

Did you gamble and win at a live gaming table? Then, of course, you want to be able to have your live casino money paid out. If you are logged in to your own casino account, a payout can be requested very easily. A payout is already possible from just € 10. If you indicate that you want to receive your winnings in your own bank account, this will usually take around 3 to 5 business days for the money to be available. On the other hand, payouts of live casino winnings can also be made towards an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill. Profits are then immediately available in your e-wallet account as soon as the casino transfers them and can, therefore, be used again more quickly. The choice for a payout is of course entirely up to you at the same time as which live casino you possibly want to bet on.

Safety With Live Gambling

Are you also going to gamble at a live casino to win prizes? Then the guarantee of safety is, of course, an important point. If you are going to gamble at an online casino it is first of all important to see if they have received a license. When this is the case, you know for sure that the gaming environment is set up safely and that legal gambling is possible at the chosen casino. Furthermore, you can, of course, trace the safety of the live casino to what you see. All live casino games are played via a camera connection. This way you can immediately see how a result is achieved by the actions carried out by the dealers. In addition, gambling authorities also oversee live casinos, which also gives you the assurance that no cheating will take place.